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Facts and figures

5 years in ISO

EPK Company presents the Russian bearing industry in the International Organization for Standardization ISO.


  • Gearbox with New Features

EPK with JSC “AVTOVAZ” implements the project on development of bearings for new gearbox. In 2012 EPK was nominated by alliance as a supplier of new bearing types.

This day the works on project implementation have passed into practical stage: EPK Company performed the complex of bearings engineering analysis, developed the outline drawings, presented the case base.

Scientific Aspects of the Project:

Through the example of the roller bearings of change gearbox (CGB) of car there are considered the main directions of the activities on improvement of bearing structures when working with rings swash which is formed due to faults in parts manufacturing, spaces, power and thermal deformations of shafts and CGB casing.

It was demonstrated that the operation of the ball bearing under conditions of rings swash results in non-uniformity of balls motion in bearing orbit and increase of load in contacts with bearing races. The indicated undesirable factors are extensively increased if the actual rings swash exceeds the angle of free rings turning which is determined by inner spaces in bearing. It is assumed that the angle of free rings turning is an admissible swash if the combination of external loads is such that there are no limitations for level of contact voltages, separator force and output of contact area at the edge of bearing race.

For roller bearings the ring swash leads to misalignment of the surface generators of bearing races and rollers that causes the uneven load distribution along the length of roller generator and increases the loads in zones of contact with guide collars of rings. The concentration of contact pressures on one of the contact area edges with unfavourable shapes of working surfaces of bearing races and rollers leads to accelerated failure – pitting of the corresponding edge of the bearing race.

Expert evaluation:

Assistant director of Central Special Design Bureau of EPK Company - Evgeny Zhilnikov:

“On the basis of the solution of the developed two-dimensional model of the roller contact interaction with rings’ mating surfaces the calculations were made for stress distribution in area of roller contact with bearing races and the influence of roller profile, values of applied loads and swash on them was analyzed. The results of optimization of rollers generator and bearing races are presented”.