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  • 29.06.12
  • Get warm themselves

Saratovsky Bearing Plant (SBP) plans by 2015 to refuse supply of heat from city networks and to save above 20 million roubles a year.

European Bearing Corporation (EPK, owner of SBP) will invest 500 million roubles in modernization of electric equipment and creation of new boiler plants on SBP, the company reported.  Alexander Kuznetsov , Director of the department of corporate finances and investments of MC EPK, says that the company already invested about 170 million roubles of own means. He didn't excluded that EPK can involve also bank loans. According to him the project will pay off in 6-7 years.

Until the end of the year EPK will finish the first stage of modernization (began in 2010). The company has already established the new compressor equipment, block and modular boiler plant (BMB) in capacity of 3,7 MWt. "We transferred the equipment from steam on electroheating and preserved the old boiler plant maintained since 1954. It worked inefficiently because of big losses at steam transportation to the equipment" specified in the reply of the SBP press service. Soon a block and modular boiler plant in capacity of 10 MWt will be established at the plant that will allow to refuse partially supply of heat from city networks.

In 2013-2014 part of SBP productions will be equipped with economic gas systems of heating and the plant will independently provide with heat itself, the company reports.

For four months of 2012 SBP received 33 240 Gcal of heat power from city networks,  Valentina Verizhnikova, the employee of the EPK press service, speaks. According to her, now SBP can save about 20 million roubles a year and the figure will grow. 1 Gcal of heat from city networks costs 1009,55 rub for the plant, heat development by own boiler plants reduces cost of 1 Gcal to 641,43 rub, Verizhnikova speaks.

Efficiency of BMB on average is higher for 20-30% than of usual steam plants,  Bogdan Zykov , the expert of «BCS express», tells.

The press service of Saratov city hall asked to address for comments to the supplier of heat power, i.e. to the Saratov branch of Volga EPC. In the press service of EPC branch they didn't give answer to "Vedomosti" because of absence of management on place.

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