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10 Bearing Holding Companies

EPK Company and other 10 companies are the members of the Bearing Manufacturers Association of the Russian Federation.


  • EPK implemented the equipment of the highest accuracy class
EPK implemented the equipment of the highest accuracy class

The worldwide machine-tool industry leader comes to Russia. The unique processing center of the German company EMAG was installed at the aircraft bearing plant, which is one of the European Bearing Corporation facilities in Samara.

The new equipment is designed to produce steel solid cages with rectangular windows; these cages are installed to aircraft engines, including advanced ones. A representative of the EMAG Salach Mashinenfabrik GmbH company in Moscow informed us that EPK is the only Russian organization which uses the EMAG equipment to produce bearings; this equipment has the highest accuracy rating and is available only to large companies, such as «FAG», «SKF», «DaimlerChrysler», «Ford».

The new processing center significantly improves the cages manufacturing technique, as it allows integrating of different technological processes: turning, drilling, grinding, milling, microslotting. This bench performs all the operations in the auto mode: from material feeding to products output. The bench operates with minimum of tools, as a rule, with standard ones. It takes only 15 minutes to repurpose the bench, as the equipment is maintenance-friendly and allows easy loading of parts.  The EMAG center installation makes it possible to significantly increase labor productivity without additional working hours

- Except for cages production the bench will be used to produce bearing racers of composite design, for example, with a shock absorbing bearer, Andrey Shvukhov, the Head of the Technology office of JSC ZAP (EPK Samara) remarked. The EMAG bench at EPK allowed production of aircraft bearings with advanced characteristics including bearings for the jet fighter T-50 of the new generation.

EMAG supplies the equipment to such enterprises as «DaimlerChrysler», «Volkswagen», «Ford», «General Motors», bearing corporations as «FAG», «SKF», oil industry companies.

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