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Facts and figures

Top 10 exporters

EPK Company is in the top 10 equipment exporters (Kommersant newspaper).

Industrial sector


Spherical roller bearings that help metal equipment to withstand maximum load on the unit and toroidal roller bearings for steel continuous casting machines are in Top 5 technological solutions by EPK in 2017. 

EPK mastered new types of spherical roller bearings for application in heavy loaded units. It is a project for a large company, the whole design and production cycle took several years.

Chief design department of AO EPK Stepnogorsk along with designers from other plants was responsible for development of the construction. EPK specialists pro-actively apply online method of project development by a team, which members are in different parts of the world.

As a result, loading capacity of bearings was increased by 25%. The main feature of the design – equal load distribution on the raceway of a bearing.

During working process labeling requirements were changed for unique identification of new bearings. There is additional number “5” and letter symbol of separator material. For example, before 2008 the designation of standard bearing was 3620H (where H is a groove and a hole for grease on the outer ring. Type of separator is not specified because the default separator is made of brass). Now the bearing has mark 53620ЛН (where 5 – is a distinguishing sign of internal geometry of the bearing, Л – brass separator, H – groove and hole for grease on the outer ring). Bearings of small sizes like 3616 or smaller than that, are made with the steel stamped separator and are marked 53616AH.  

As of January 2017 more than 116 sizes and variations of spherical roller bearings were mastered.  

Along with the new product range, EPK specialists mastered bearings according to import substitution programme for the Russian metallurgy companies. One of the directions – toroidal roller bearings for continuous steel casting machines that help to save working characteristics in difficult conditions even with the axial offset of the inner ring  relatively to outer ring (insignificant). 


Import substitutionanalog of the foreign toroidal roller bearing mastered by EPK. Efficiency increased up to 70%.

Metallurgy market has positively reacted to new product offer by EPK so plants received optimal production load capacity and clients can get increased lifetime of a bearing without cost increase.

EPK offers its clients a competitive price and guarantees 100% quality of the products for each part.


Import substitution programme of high precision bearings