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Facts and figures

10 Bearing Holding Companies

EPK Company and other 10 companies are the members of the Bearing Manufacturers Association of the Russian Federation.

Aerospace sector


EPK occupies 74 % of bearings market

EPK conducts methodical work in the field of compliance of special bearings quality to the European analogs, and also develops unique samples even on the international standards.

Time dictates requirements to resource intensity of bearings. This design element of the plane engine imperceptible to the consumer of air services, the bearing, should overcome the force of friction in stressful conditions: to rotate billion times without failing for a long time.

Now Russia improves the design procedure and choice of aircraft bearings of rolling. Designers of EPK special bearings develop new algorithms of calculations of durability, and also dynamic and static loading capacity of bearings of aviation products by a standard technique DIN ISO 281. For Rosaviation and other consumers the EPK experts officially issued the recommendations about calculation of bearings at the increased requirements to reliability taking into account the recommendations  of CIAM (Central Institute of Aviation Motors named after P.I. Baranov), and also of FAG and SKF (world leaders in the bearing branch).

EPK carries out delivery of special bearings of all constructive groups including swinging. The EPK head enterprise specializing on production of bearings for engines of planes and helicopters is Samarsky Plant of Aviation Bearings (ZAB). Products of JSC ZAB is applied in all the aircraft engines of domestic production.

The plant makes more than 5 000 items of bearings of the following constructive groups:

Ball radial,

Ball radial-persistent,

Ball persistent and persistent-radial,

Roller radial with short cylindrical rollers,

Roller radial with needle and long cylindrical rollers,

Roller persistent,

Roller conic,

Roller radial spherical.

EPK in Samara produces bearings of 19 mm to 620 mm in diameter and of 20 g to 76,8 kg in weight. The list of the making products turns on high-precision (2-4 classes), and also quiet (Ш1 – Ш8) bearings. Bearing, heatresistant and stainless steels are used in production of rings and balls. Steels, bronze and aluminum alloys, brass, textolite and other materials are used in production of cages. In 2007 the plant mastered production of hybrid bearings with ceramic balls.

Volgsky branch of the plant of EPK aviation bearings specializes in production of conic bearings, and also high-precision spindle bearings.

The EPK plant in Samara is also responsible for advance and realization of special bearings to be made at other EPK plants including large-sized bearings, bearings with twisted rollers and swinging bearings.


Import substitution programme of high precision bearings