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Facts and figures

5 years in ISO

EPK Company presents the Russian bearing industry in the International Organization for Standardization ISO.

Sustainable leadership


    Strategic direction of EPK sustainable development is the product line expansion.

     In 2011 EPK enterprises mastered 98 new types of bearing production. Among them: 50 types corresponding to GOST 520 requirements and other specifications, 48 types corresponding to specific technical specifications for the needs of defence industry.

    Among EPK enterprises the plant in Samara is the leader in development of new production in 2011. The enterprise had mastered 43 new types according to specific technical specifications on the basic production site (Samara) and 31 new types at the branch of Volzhsky plant. Moscow bearing plant mastered 2 new types, Saratovsky bearing plant mastered 8 new types, Volzhsky bearing plant mastered 9 new types, Stepnogorsky bearing plant mastered 5 new types.

    New types of EPK bearings are widely applied in various industries: iron and steel industry, railway, machine building and oil and gas industries, in power engineering, automobile production industry and electrical industry.

    The basic feature is elaboration and development of highly competitive products of unique design with the advanced consumer properties, as well as import-substituting products for iron and steel industry.

    In particular: The plant in Moscow mastered production of duplex large bearings with spherical rollers for the equipment of iron and steel works.

    In 2001 the Moscow plant carried out research and development works in view of application of technologies and isolated bearings (with current isolation covering) production development for traction engines of electric locomotives, metro coaches.

    The plant in Volzhsky continued development of bearing units for the enterprises of agro-industial complex for the soil-cultivating facilities.

    EPK plant in Stepnogorsk continued development of spherical bearings with symmetric rollers for metallurgy, pulp-and-paper mills and foreign market consumers: 5 new types are mastered.

    Unique bearings and bearing units are developed and mastered at the plant in Samara:

- for the new cooling turbine design hybrid bearings with the ceramic balls operating at rotation speeds of 60000 … 85000 rpm are mastered,

- the hybrid double-flanged bearing at the outer ring is mastered,

- production of hybrid bearings for turbo-compressors is mastered.


Import substitution programme of high precision bearings