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Facts and figures

“Expert-400” rating

EPK company makes the list of 400 non-public private companies of Russia which export their products to Europe (Expert).

Quality control


Work of all the EPK divisions is aimed at creation of quality product and providing of high quality servicing. The quality degree is assured by certificates of conformity to the Russian and international standards.

At EPK plants in Moscow, Volzhsky, Saratov, as well as in EPK Trade House the system ISO 9001:2008 is implemented. British auditor company Lloyd's Register and Russian auditor company Russian Register acted as the certifying authorities for these enterprises.

Existing Quality management system at the EPK plants in Samara and Stepnogorsk also corresponds to ISO 9001:2008 standard.

EPK is conducting the work on further improvement of quality management system. It is planned to certify not only by ISO system, but also by other recognized world standards.


Import substitution programme of high precision bearings