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Facts and figures

“Expert-400” rating

EPK company makes the list of 400 non-public private companies of Russia which export their products to Europe (Expert).

About the auditor


"Deloitte" is the brand uniting tens of thousands of specialists of independent firms throughout the world with the purpose to render services in the sphere of audit, consulting, corporate finance, risk management and tax and legal services. These firms are included into Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), the private company with responsibility of participants in the limits guaranteed by them, registered according to the legislation of Great Britain. Each of them renders services within a certain geographical zone and comply with the legislation and standard requirements of the country or the countries in which it carries out activities. DTTL doesn't render services to teh clients directly. DTTL and the firms entering into its structure are certain and independent legal entities who have the right to assume obligations only on its own behalf. Neither DTTL nor the firms entering into its structure don't bear responsibility for any actions or omissions of each other. Each of the firms entering into DTTL has distinct from others structure which depends on the local legislation, the standard requirements, the accepted practice and other factors, and also can provide rendering professional services within the geographical zone through subsidiaries, affiliates and/or other companies.
Deloitte in CIS

Deloitte, CIS is one of the leading audit and consulting firms rendering services in the field of audit, consulting, corporate finance, risk management and tax and law services, using professional experience of about 3 000 employees at 16 offices in 10 countries of the region. Having won reputation of one of the best employers for implementation of innovative programs in the field of development of personnel resources, Deloitte, CIS makes all efforts to promote success of the clients and employees.


Import substitution programme of high precision bearings